20 Simple Ways to be Green Around Your Home!

Written by C. Cartwright
@Eco Blvd

Globally, we are becoming more and more aware of the need to be ‘greener’ in our everyday lives.  We can no longer live as if there were endless resources and zero consequences for our wasteful ways.

 In my journey of becoming more and more eco – conscious, my natural curiosity made me want to research the different types of plastics.  I wanted to know if they were recyclable, and what kind of harm each type of plastic was causing us and our environment. I ended up writing a blog post about it because it was eye opening and I wanted everyone to know just how toxic plastic can be (you can find it HERE).

While I was writing it, there was a horrible moment when I realised just how many plastics were actually in my own home.  Of all different types.  I had a kitchen cupboard full of them!  My initial reaction was to gather them up and throw them all away!  But then another horrible thought struck me – there really is no such thing as “away”.  It just becomes a problem somewhere else ie if they couldn’t be recycled they would end up in land fill.  So now I faced a dilemma: I couldn’t make my home greener without polluting the environment, so what could I do with all of these plastic containers? 

My initial reaction was to gather them up and throw them all away!  But then another horrible thought struck me – there really is no such thing as “away”.

It brings me to my first point in the below list of ways to be green around your home.  I decided I would repurpose all of the plastics that I did not want coming anywhere near me or my family’s food or drink.  I used these containers to tidy up and store the little bits and pieces in our shed ie all of the tiny reticulation pieces, nails, screws, plumbing bits, garden equipment etc

For the plastics that were considered ‘safe’,  I decided that I would continue to use them until the natural end of their life, at which time I would recycle them.  And then I would replace them with more eco-friendly alternatives.   My quest for reducing plastics throughout my whole house continues and I'm happy to say the situation is improving. So if, like me, you have a ‘plastic problem’ in your home that you'd like to fix, maybe you could start to tackle it like this? 

I believe that any action toward a greener future (however small) is 100% more effective than NO action.  So as well as the reduce, reuse, recycle concept, I’ve also compiled a list of ideas of how to be ‘green’ around your home.   I hope it helps in some way ☺️

  20 Simple Ways To Be Green Around Your Home!
  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Often we just buy too much unnecessary and non-essential “stuff”- we need to stop those impulse buys.  Also, there are so many ways to reuse and repurpose what we already have in our homes – it’s only limited by your own imagination!

  2. Buy local / grow your own: Reduces transport carbon emissions / production costs.

  3. Don’t throw food into your garbage bin, start composting: It’s great for your garden soil health.

  4. Turn lights off when you leave the room, and any power points that aren’t in regular use: conserves energy.

  5. Go meat free for a day: Makes a huge difference in livestock production greenhouse gas emissions.

  6. Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth: You can save up to 19 litres of water!

  7. Use reusable shopping bags: Thankfully, most of us are already doing this!

  8. When cooking, use the gas burner which is smaller than the pot: Reduces gas / energy requirement.

  9. Use energy saving light bulbs around your house.

  10. Apply weather stripping around windows and doors: Reduces the demand on air-conditioning / heating.

  11. Opt for DIY or natural / biodegradable cleaning liquids/detergents: Better for you as well as reduces toxic chemicals leaching into our environment (especially our waterways).

  12. Do full loads of laundry / dishwasher loads, rather than lots of small ones: Reduces energy and water required

  13. Wash in cold water: Saves heating energy.

  14. Don’t forget to remove bottle caps when recycling: They are treated differently and can contaminate the whole recycling load.

  15. Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your letter box: Reduces paper use and resources required for production.  If you really can’t do without your favourite junk mail, subscribe online for the digital version.

  16. Stop using single use water bottles: Our water in Australia is generally great to drink directly from the tap. If not, install a filtration system directly onto the tap or put filters onto your water jugs / bottle.

  17. Buy products in bulk: This usually reduces the amount of packaging used.

  18. Donate any unwanted clothing / household items to charity: Prevents them from going into landfill.

  19. If you have a pool, when not in use put the cover / blanket on: To stop water evaporation.

  20. Continue to learn different ways to be green: Then share your knowledge with all of your house / family members and friends.