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100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls

NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE FABRIC SOFTENER: These eco friendly wool dryer balls are crafted with 100% pure New Zealand wool to the core.  They are 100% chemical free and will naturally soften your fabrics by using a continual kneading motion within your tumble dryer.  Your fabrics will become softer and fluffier without the use of dryer sheets which are saturated with chemicals and perfumes.  This kneading action also helps to reduce wrinkles which means less ironing 

IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN AND BABY SAFE: These organic wool dryer balls are hypoallergenic, come fragrance free and have no odour.  They are plastic free so will not leach harmful chemicals when heated. Wool dryer balls are safe enough even for babies to play with.  They are unscented and have no chemical softening agents, therefore they will rejuvenate the natural absorbency and moisture wicking ability of your fabrics;  this is particularly important for towels, cloth nappies and clothing 

SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY!: No need to buy fabric softeners and dryer sheets again. This also means there will be no more chemical residue on your washing machine and tumble dryer, reducing potential for damage and repair bills; not to mention the time saved cleaning that residue off. Wool dryer balls are reusable for up to 1000 loads representing great value. Wool Dryer Balls also speed up drying times which of course means less energy consumption and dryer usage as well as more savings for you

THIS 8 PACK CATERS FOR ALL TUMBLE DRYER LOADS: To ensure a positive user experience and versatility, there are 4 small balls (6cm diameter) for delicate fabrics and baby clothing as well as 4 extra large balls (8 cm diameter) for small to large normal loads of laundry.   This pack caters for all of your drying needs.

REDUCES STATIC: When used as directed, these wool dryer balls will reduce static!

DURABLE PACKAGING: All 8 balls come packed in a thick cotton bag with drawstring which has the instructions conveniently printed on the back.  This bag is ideal for storing your wool dryer balls in between loads

ECO BLVD  Premium Wool Dryer Balls For The Laundry - 8 Pack Of 2 Sizes 



Reusable & Eco Friendly Natural Fabric Softener - Chemical Free Alternative For Tumble Dryer Sheets 

Reduce your exposure to chemicals and minimise your impact on the environment by saying 'No' to consumable, plastic, chemical laden and single use everyday items.  This is a product that you can feel good about!  It's good for you, your wallet and your planet!  Be a part of the 'plastics pollution solution' and buy earth friendly products such as these Premium Wool Dryer Balls for the laundry.

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